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Investing in property in Dubai presents a lucrative opportunity for securing your and your children’s future. The city’s extensive development and favorable conditions for expats make it an ideal choice. Whether you’re considering real estate for future returns or planning a move to Dubai, it’s crucial to understand fundamental principles when purchasing property in the UAE.

At GPG Global Real Estate, our seasoned agents, experts in the UAE real estate market, are here to guide you in acquiring your dream property. We provide comprehensive answers to all your queries regarding your potential second home or investment. Our commitment to your safety and protection goes beyond detailed information on every aspect of the deal – we ensure transparency and complete legal compliance. Our in-house conveyancing team will accompany you throughout the transaction, offering peace of mind and support.

1. Strong Economic Fundamentals:

Navigating the Dubai real estate market requires a trustworthy Dubai real estate agent, especially given its distinctiveness compared to other countries. Ensure that your chosen agent is registered with the Dubai Real Estate Authority for credibility. Profound local knowledge of the market, regulations, and procedures is essential. GPG Global Real Estate is poised to be your expert guide, offering unparalleled insights and expertise to secure your most favorable real estate deal.

2. Legal Framework

Regardless of your location, be it overseas or a Dubai resident, the acquisition of property in Dubai’s designated freehold areas is accessible to all. This authorization was granted in 2002 by the Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, accompanied by subsequent laws and by-laws as the Dubai real estate market continued to evolve. Importantly, there is no obligation to possess any form of residency or similar permit to qualify for property purchases in Dubai.

3. Who Can Buy

Any individual or legal entity has the opportunity to own property in Dubai. However, if the property is registered under a company’s name, the company must be incorporated either in Dubai’s onshore zone or in specific designated offshore or free zones. GPG Global Real Estate extends incorporation services for our clients and is eager to assist in preparing the complete set of documents required for property registration. Additionally, we offer ongoing support to manage and maintain your company efficiently.

4. Timeframes

The typical duration for completing a resale property transaction in Dubai is approximately 30 days from the moment all involved parties sign the Sale Contract. On the other hand, off-plan property transactions are typically swiftly concluded, often within a single day and occasionally within as little as 30 minutes. To streamline the process and save our clients’ time, we offer the option of representing the customer through a Power of Attorney. In such cases, the buyer is free to adhere to their planned schedule while we take care of finalizing the transaction on their behalf.

5. Due Dilligence

GPG Global Real Estate ensures thorough due diligence for our customers. In secondary market transactions, we verify ownership legality, assist with property inspections, and ensure the sale contract covers all aspects. In off-plan deals, we confirm legal rights, check developer and project registration, validate the Escrow account, and ensure compliance with construction schedules. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive and reliable support throughout the real estate process.

6. Access to The Real Estate Register

The real estate register in Dubai contains detailed information about properties, their locations, and associated rights. However, it is not accessible to the general public. Only the registered owner or an authorized individual, granted access under a court order, can retrieve information from the register.

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