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Projected 2024 Rent Surge to Attract Global Investors, Experts Say

Posted by GPG Staff on January 10, 2024

Dubai’s real estate market remains an attractive investment destination due to expected rental and price increases driven by economic resilience, population growth and business initiatives.

Dubai’s property market has demonstrated strong resilience over the past few years and remains an attractive investment destination.

Apartments saw gains of 14 percent while villas rose 23 percent annually. Prices are projected to increase further by 5-7 percent in 2024.

In 2024, apartment rents may see further increases, particularly for new leases, and existing tenants could face higher annual renewals due to adjustments in the RERA rental calculator. Meanwhile, villa rents have started to stabilize, hitting potential price limits as buyers seek more budget-friendly alternatives. This pattern is expected to endure in the early months of 2024.

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