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Top Dubai developers ARA, DECA, and Arabian Hills Estate are set to introduce multi-billion housing ventures spanning across the UAE and Europe

Posted by GPG Staff on April 24, 2024

The estimated value of the land for the ambitious multi-country project alone stands at $6 billion.

Two Dubai-based developers, ARA Real Estate Development and DECA Properties, are teaming up with a land-owning company to launch a series of extensive residential projects across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the North Emirates, and Europe, with an envisioned investment totaling tens of billions of dollars.

The land value of this ambitious multi-country project alone is estimated at $6 billion (AED22 billion).

The comprehensive development plan for the project, named Arabian Hills Estate, also the developer’s name for this initiative, unfolds over 14 phases. The partners have announced the commencement of the project’s inaugural phase in Abu Dhabi, encompassing an impressive 244 million square feet development.

Arabian Hills Estate LLC holds ownership of the land for this collaborative venture, with ARA acting as the exclusive development and management partner, and DECA Properties taking on the role of sales and marketing partner.

“The total investment involved is substantial, reflecting the scale and ambition of these projects,” Aamad Jalil, Senior Executive Officer at DECA Properties.

He also disclosed that the project will involve development of housing projects across different types and segments.

Jalil, however, said so far, DECA’s collaboration is finalised only for the Abu Dhabi project.

“However, we are hopeful to work with ARA on [the other] future projects going forward,” he said.

From ultra luxury to affordable

Senior executives associated with the project said the segment classification will vary, depending on the property’s locations.

“In Abu Dhabi, the focus leans towards luxury offerings. For the Northern Emirates, the emphasis will be on affordability to cater to a broader demographic, whereas the European projects will be tailored towards ultra-luxury experiences,” they said.

These executives said though ARA possesses the capability to undertake these projects independently, it may also explore partnerships with reputable institutions interested in investing or financing such large-scale ventures.

ARA, the real estate arm of Core International Holding PJSC, is known for its ability to leverage extensive resources and expertise in delivering innovative real estate developments.

UAE’s Arabian Hills to cater to diverse needs and preferences

The Arabian Hills Estate project has sparked considerable interest in the market, with senior executives from real estate consultancies anticipating that this ambitious collaborative development will establish new benchmarks for luxury and sustainable living in the UAE.

Its projects across the UAE are designed to offer a range of plot options, including villa plots, mansion plots, mega mansion plots, and estate plots, catering to a diverse array of needs and preferences.

The development also includes numerous luxury amenities such as swimmable lagoons, man-made beaches, verdant parks, and extensive equestrian facilities.

To promote sustainable living, the project incorporates features such as solar lighting, water conservation systems, and natural landscaping, all aimed at enhancing the community’s ecological footprint.

The project to offer potentially high investment returns

Jalil said with competitive pricing starting at AED 110 per square foot and an attractive 5-year payment plan, Arabian Hills Estate will offer a significant investment opportunity with potential for high capital appreciation.

The strategic locations of its projects in the two real estate hot spots in the UAE – Dubai and Abu Dhabi – will also ensure potentially high returns for investors, he said, as they offer quick access to the city centres, while providing a serene escape from city life.

The Abu Dhabi project, which was launched on Monday, April 22, is a master-planned, gated community that embraces innovation and sustainable living.

It offers open, freehold ownership, appealing to a diverse clientele seeking a modern lifestyle, and is designed to enhance the quality of life for primary residents as well as those on brief staycations, company executives said.

“We are honored to join forces with ARA in bringing this visionary project to life. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results, leveraging our market insights and decades of sales acumen to showcase the unique value proposition of Arabian Hills Estate to discerning buyers,” Jalil said.

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